"Dan katakanlah, 'Bekerjalah kamu, maka Allah akan melihat pekerjaanmu, begitu juga RasulNya dan orang-orang mukmin, dan kamu akan dikembalikan kepada (Allah) Yang Mengetahui yang ghaib dan yang nyata, lalu diberitakanNya kepada kamu apa yang telah kamu kerjakan.'"
[at-Taubah, 9:105]

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Its My Day .

Hell-O world, don't you know that on 6 october 1991 were my date of birth. So we are now in years of 2010, the time is really moves faster as thunder. And i've turned into sweet grown lady, hehe perasan. In this 9-teen years old i live in this big world that being created by Allah the Most Powerful ever.

I had learned many things that happened in my life either wrong or right, dealing with different kind of person and so on that makes me become more matured, eh yeke matured? haha, will be but soon :p
For guys, it's so hard for me to TRUST you anymore! Get out from my life. Maybe one day if only have.

Ok, thanks for the wishes that i received from you all on fb and handphone. Much appreciated it.
p/s : copp, mahu pergi bilik member jap, die suruh datang, yang rummates aku nih tak balik lagi nih.
Continue, adoii got big big big problem is about one of my members (6 kawan karib). Will solve it later with nicely.
And then, i got my second present from my member Aeen thank you very much!
Will be open later.
Aik second present, first present? Ok, i got it from my friend which is my ex-classmate we're used to school at the same school. And now taking same course at the same place too. At earlier, we got fighted and ramadhan makes us in just fine condition untill now. Alhamdullilah.

 Tabung, bagus sebab aku suke menabung even gune botol soflan :p
apelah yang Aeen bagi, ntah-ntah tabung kot.

9-teen, more new things will be explore by myself untill i become matured enough, and become a good muslimah, InsyaAllah i need your guidance Ya Allah. I need You to guide me all the time. There is no others! And also my lovely family, forgive all my wrongdoing.

peace no war.
Sweet 9-teen that me :p

p/s : ok, tadi usha Dr. yang aku minat lah, bukan melayu! Ok, eat for the second time :p

Salam. :) 
Thank You for Reading and Liking =)


As Asmidar said...

macik abie dh tua.kih3.btw,epi bsday sweet 19.ol da best n gud lux in ur career.tcare.mnt dkto tu ke?smg bjya.kih3.

Un Phat Lee said...

epi bday der.hadiah lu mintak kakak2 lu belikan.haha. XD

Abie said...

@ as: haha,makcik cantek ok,mampu ;p
hehe,doktor aku korg jgn amek eh(perasan lebih)

@unphatlee: maceh der.itu mg wajib mintak,tapi kalo nak mintak kat lu mcm menarik gak an ;p