"Dan katakanlah, 'Bekerjalah kamu, maka Allah akan melihat pekerjaanmu, begitu juga RasulNya dan orang-orang mukmin, dan kamu akan dikembalikan kepada (Allah) Yang Mengetahui yang ghaib dan yang nyata, lalu diberitakanNya kepada kamu apa yang telah kamu kerjakan.'"
[at-Taubah, 9:105]

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Abie's Garage Sale.


Suddenly, I'm speechless to write something about the abie's garage sale. The name is given by my elder sister because of she is trying to sell her items/stuff that she hardly use and it is possible that she have never used them all plus are still in great condition.

The items such as bag, jacket,perfume,ring that she bought from US where she studied.
Perfume - Victoria's Secret Body Mist Secret Garden, Victoria Secret Deep 
p/s : Available

p/s : Available
 p/s : Available
 p/s : This 2 items are S O L D !
p/s : Available
Adjustable Ring

p/s : The flower is in small size and still available
The circle one are S O L D !

p/s : The flower is in big size and still available

Oh, I love to wear the ring because of it looked cute when you put it on your finger
just wear it as simple as you are

please take a look at this link Abie's Garage Sale and if interested just inform us XD

Thank You for Reading and Liking =)

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