"Dan katakanlah, 'Bekerjalah kamu, maka Allah akan melihat pekerjaanmu, begitu juga RasulNya dan orang-orang mukmin, dan kamu akan dikembalikan kepada (Allah) Yang Mengetahui yang ghaib dan yang nyata, lalu diberitakanNya kepada kamu apa yang telah kamu kerjakan.'"
[at-Taubah, 9:105]

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vin Diesel Sangat Cool.

Hello Malaysian
Is a very common things among people's which is in the middle of months lack of pocket money, including me myself. Yes, I didn't know where my money goes. But I'm pretty sure that a hundreds will go in my bank simpanan.
The lack of pocket money doesn't effected my 'berjimba' with friends, oh I mean is watching movie.

For the past few days, I went to Mid Valley with my friends *as usual place. We choose to watch the fast and furious 5. OMGee Vin Diesel sangat cool beb XD and the story was totally awesome ! I am like a craziest girl inside the cinema *my friends said so too who's seating beside a man that I don't even know and  so I don't even care of what they said when the weird responds of mine come out I mean my sound effect when watching the movie.

I don't like to be a hypocrite-type-person. Just be yourself and living your life with a good things beb. Ok, here I've listed out why you should watch this movie. Jengjengjeng.

Because of Vin Diesel is acting so cool in that movie. The car(S). Hye the rock pun ada :) Nothing much that I've listed out, HAHA my bad. So I give 10 stars for this movie.
After done with the movie, we're like to take photophotan with the backgrounds of barbie and yet heading to Thai's Food stall to fill our empty gaster.

The Thai's food stall are already become as our HOT pitstop, cheapcheapcheap and yet marvelous. So, here it's our pitstop stall.

p/s : nothing much to said, just wanna to said congrats to my along on her graduation day's :) i'm waiting for yoouuuuu,HAHA

Till then.
Thank You for Reading and Liking =)

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